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Everson Tesla is continually on the cutting edge of magnet manufacturing technology, facilitated by our strong background in tooling design, manufacturing engineering, hydraulics, winding component integration and controls - all supported by an integrated manufacturing structure that provides efficient project start-ups and cost-effective results.

Tools used to assist system and component design include:

  • Commercially available and proprietary 2-D magnet design programs
  • ANSYS finite element 3-D engineering, magnetic, structural and thermal analysis programs
  • Autocad computer-aided design program in 2-D and 3-D

Everson Tesla leads in the development of:

  • Computer-controlled roll forming and winding for fusion and high magnetic field research
  • Innovative production technology for sheathing Cable-in-Conduit superconductor in 1-km lengths for large magnet designs
  • Forming the most challenging resistive and superconducting materials into demanding coil configurations to tight tolerances
  • Use of insulation materials for radiation-resistant application
  • Advanced techniques in Vacuum Pressure Impregnation and B-stage impregnation schemes
  • Precision casting and sophisticated impregnation processes
  • Solid and laminated iron corefabrication and assembly
  • Resistive conductor forming with direct and indirect cooling
  • Layer, pancake, strip winding configurations
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