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Project and Program Management

Everson Tesla has developed an effective management philosophy which incorporates processing a project using a Program/Project Engineer heading each key program. A dedicated Team is established which includes design and quality engineering, manufacturing, cost accounting, and product control.

  • Technology and project feasibility analysis
  • Cost estimating & risk assessments
  • Design reviews
  • Configuration management
  • Scheduling, program tracking
  • MPO's (manufacturing process outline)
  • Inventory management
  • Prototype to production transition management


Everson Tesla has a strong base in engineering that covers many of the engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical engineering, material science and physics. Our core technology is in the design and manufacture of components, coils, magnets and complete systems from motors and generators to cryo-free superconducting magnet systems. Everson Tesla provides complete services in designing and manufacturing from a prototype unit to significant mass production of components and products. Below is a list of some of the key elements in the design process.

  • Functional/Performance requirements
  • Interface requirements
  • Design conceptualization and layout
  • Materials selection
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Electrical and mechanical design
    • Magnetic, thermal, mechanical FEA
    • Thermal requirements /analysis
    • Technical documentation and CAD design
  • Material selection, analysis and testing
    • Conductor
      • Hollow, solid, silver bearing
      • Superconducting, braided NbTi, Nb3Sn
      • Conduited superconductor
      • Foil wound
      • Litz wire
      • Magnet wire
      • High temperature superconductor
    • Active materials
      • Motor grade, grain oriented, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Insulation
      • Up to 14kV HV insulation systems
      • NEMA Class F,H,N insulation systems
      • Radiation hardened design
  • Cryogenic requirements
  • Ultra-high vacuum
  • Harsh environment designs
  • Cost optimization analysis
  • CAD drawing packages
  • FMECA/MTTF/MTTR, risk assessments
  • Tooling design and build
  • External product packaging
  • Regulatory and safety requirements

Prototype Development

Everson Tesla prides itself in building one off units in any of our product areas. We have the ability to document the development in order to process-improve the product. Every product that Everson Tesla produces is fully tested and documented. The key elements of the prototype development process are listed:

  • Procure, fabricate and implement tooling
  • Build and test prototypes
  • Process improvement studies
  • Test plans (acceptance and qualification)
  • Final design and drawing package
  • Systems integration and test


Everson Tesla can gear up to a production run of a product which includes automated tooling, winding applications, insulation systems and material resource planning. We can handle the integration of a multi-component system. Our capabilities include:

  • Machining, bending, CNC machining
  • Conductor spreading, forming, winding
  • Applications of insulation systems
    • Tapes, resins
    • RTM, VPI, B-stage
    • Superinsulation
  • Brazing, welding, soldering, bonding technologies, vacuum vessel welding
  • SPC
  • Material source planning (MRP)
  • Just-in-time inventory control

Quality Control

The management and employees of Everson Tesla Incorporated are committed to quality and excellence in all endeavors. The major objective of Everson Tesla Incorporated employees is the satisfaction of our customers who buy and use our products. We believe that quality is the responsibility of every employee.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • MIL Q-9858A
  • MIL I-45208
  • Travelers with in-process sign-off
  • Incoming inspections
  • Certifications / conformance reports
  • SPC - statistical process control


Everson Tesla does a 100% inspection and testing of all the products produced including motors, coils, and magnets. We have developed detailed testing procedures and travelers to address traceability and certification of our products.

  • Specialized test facilities
    • Motor test shop
    • Motor load testing
  • Electrical
    • Impulse testing
    • Hi-potential
    • Dielectric testing (dielectric and polarization index)
    • Tip-up test
  • Mechanical
    • Surface plate measurements
    • Dimensional tolerances (standard)
    • Tooling fixtures and gauges
    • Strain gauge systems
  • Magnetic
    • Hall probes
    • NMR probes
    • Inductive coils
    • 3D and 2D mappings
  • Cryogenic
    • Helium mass spectrometer leak detection
    • Temperature measurements
    • Pressure measurements
    • Flow-rate measurements
    • Determination of cryogenic efficiencies
    • Materials thermal quench cycling


Everson Tesla Incorporated provides engineering and field services for magnets, motors, rotor coils, and other electro-mechanical components, products and equipment. Our staff of technicians and engineers has experience with a wide-range of OEM equipment. Everson Tesla also has a full-time staff of customer service specialists who aid our customers in communications, contractual matters, and coordination of in-field activities. Areas of specialized capabilities include: diagnostic and failure evaluation studies, magnetic field mapping, synchronous motor excitation and controls, vacuum and cryogenic systems and components, and in-field inspection of high-voltage windings, DC motor repair.

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