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Listed below are some of our recent projects. Click on the tabs below to see projects from each specified category.

dipole magnet for particle beam direction

1. Research Facility Magnet

A dipole magnet for a National Laboratory used to correct particle beam direction. The magnet coils are water cooled and the entire magnet is manufactured and assembled in our Pennsylvania facility.

sextupole magnet

2. Dipole/Sextupole Magnet

A special air cooled Dipole/Sextupole magnet used to steer and focus particle accelerator beams in research facilities.

water-cooled quadrupole magnet

3. Water Cooled Quadrupole Magnet

A water cooled Quadrupole magnet used to focus particle accelerator beams in a research laboratory.

water-cooled dipole magnet

4. Water Cooled Dipole Magnet

A large water cooled Dipole magnet used to bend particle accelerator beams in a research laboratory.

solenoid coil

5. Resistive Solenoid Coil

A 100 Tesla resistive solenoid coil used in a research facility.

superconducting magnet system

1. Liquid Cryogen-Free Superconducting Magnet System

A unique cryogen-free superconducting split-pair magnet system used for magnetic annealing applications in the semiconductor industry. Each superconducting coil half is a complete independent unit, conduction-cooled by a 4 Kelvin two-stage Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocooler. The system also incorporates high-temperature superconductors (HTS), bismuth-based tapes for low thermal loss. The central magnetic field region is enhanced and shaped by external iron poles.

sextupole and trim quadrupole magnets

2. Sextupole and Trim Quadrupole Magnets, Brookhaven National Lab, RHIC Project

Everson Tesla fabricated 400 sextupoles and trim quadrupoles for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in 1994 and 1995 for Brookhaven National Laboratory.

superconducting cryogenic system

3. Superconducting Magnet and Cryogenic System

A high-field superconducting magnet along with a variable low-temperature cryostat housed in a liquid nitrogen shielded liquid helium dewar.

superconducting split-pair magnet system

4. Max Plank Institute - Germany

A superconducting split-pair magnet system used for magnetic guiding of an electron beam for scientific research.

resistive medical magnet

1. Medical Bending Magnet

A Magnet consisting of water cooled foil wound coils along with additional trim coils for fine tuning of the cancer treatment beam positions.

steering magnet for cancer treatment

2. Electromagnetic Resistive Medical Magnet

A small steering magnet used in cancer treatment equipment. This coil is entirely manufactured in Everson Tesla's Pennsylvania facility.

AC traction motors

1. Baltimore AC Traction Motors

Everson Tesla Incorporated teamed with an OEM manufacturer and built 116 plus traction motors used on light railed vehicles that operate from downtown Baltimore to BWI airport.

AC stator coils

2. AC Stator Coils Medium and High Voltage

Everson Tesla Incorporated fabricates both medium and high voltage stators used in transportation and power generation. Turn and ground insulation temperature ratings vary from Class "F" to Class "H" for impregnated and unimpregnated coils.

stator traction motor for light rail

3. Stator for a Traction Motor

This is a stator for a traction motor assembled and wound at Everson Tesla that is used in light rail applications.

traction motor housing

4. Traction Motor Housing/Stator Assembly

A larger HP traction motor housing/stator assembly used in the rail industry.


5. Large Stator Assembly

A very large stator assembly used in a commercial hybrid motor application. The entire stator assembly was performed on site as well as most component manufacturing.

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